Chats with Rox De Luca

Chats with Rox De Luca

From trash to (artistic) treasure.

During our recent trip to Sydney (to kick off our 2021 mission to collect 21 tonnes of ocean waste to turn into our our forever bottles), we had a super interesting chat with the fabulous artist, Rox De Luca.


Rox De Luca makes incredible artworks out of plastic shards and remnants that she finds on her local Sydney beaches (Bondi Beach and Rose Bay). Through her art making, she seeks to draw attention to the ginormous global issue of plastic waste.


Rox's wonderful artworks have featured in Sculptures By The Sea and she's keen to highlight our every day habits that we probably aren't aware of that have an impact on our oceans and marine life.


We hope you enjoy the chat as much as we did. Please excuse the Darth Vadar like breathing you can hear in the background - that's the sound of Dean Cropp breathing as he dives underneath the boat to get more rubbish...but that's another story.


Join Mike and Jess as they chat about a single-use plastic free future during our epic 24 hour underwater clean up in Sydney Harbour.






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Published on Sunday 16 May, 2021