How It Works

We deliver incredible personal-care and home-cleaning products direct to your door (minus all the single use plastic )

Just like earth, we spin in circles

Just like the milk man re-imagined

Inside your first Zero Co box you'll find: 

  1. A set of forever bottles made from ocean, beach and landfill waste (OBL)
  2. A set of refill pouches made from recycled plastic 
  3. A postage-paid return mailer (envelope)

Winning the war on waste has never been easier!

It's super simple: you order, we deliver, you return, we refill.

Step 1

Your first Zero Co order will arrive at your door including a set of empty forever bottles along with colour-matching refill pouches and a postage-paid return mailer (envelope).

Step 2

Simply empty the contents of the refill pouches into the forever bottles and wave bye-bye to SUP (single-use-plastic) for the rest of your life.

Step 3

Pop the empty refill pouches into the postage-paid return mailer and send it back to us (for free).

Step 4

We'll then clean, refill and reuse the pouch...putting an end to single-use plastic. For good.

More than just a pretty face

We're committed to tackling the plastic problem at both ends of the supply chain; stopping the production of new plastic whilst also cleaning up the plastic waste that's junking up our planet.

I’m made from ocean, beach and landfill bound waste

(You keep me at your house)

I’m made from recycled materials diverted from landfill

(You send me back to get refilled)