Why Zero Co is Making Toilet Paper

Saving the trees with your poos and wees, that’s a movement we can get behind!

Why Zero Co is Making Toilet Paper

When we asked you guys what you wanted to see next from Zero Co, toilet paper was at the top of your wish list. We did a little digging and discovered that Aussie’s buy 140 million bundles of toilet paper wrapped in plastic from supermarkets each year*. You know what stinks? All of that packaging will end up in landfill or worse, the ocean!

So, we took the plunge(r) and started work on developing a solution for tushies around Australia that would answer all your TP dreams, without costing the planet. After 12 months in development and testing, we’re proud to introduce Zero Co’s 100% recycled toilet paper that is rolled, wrapped and boxed right here in Australia.

Why choose recycled and plastic free toilet paper?

Most toilet paper that you’ll find in supermarkets is wrapped in single-use plastic and made overseas using brand new paper, which means chopping down trees just to wipe your keister! You’ll be relieved to know that our super soft, 3ply TP is made from 100% recycled paper, so whether you scrunch or fold it’ll be free from inks, dyes, BPA, chlorine and most importantly, it leaves the trees alone. Only the best for your tush!

The Zero Co team hopes this product will help educate Aussies about the significant impact that small household changes can have on protecting the future of our planet. Because we’re on a mission to untrash the planet and that means stopping single-use plastic ending up in our oceans and sending less of it to landfill. Our toilet paper is 100% plastic free, wrapped in snazzy recycled tissue paper and shipped to you in a box of 24, double length rolls so there is the perfect number of sheets for your peach until your next order arrives.

Making it easy to make the switch to recycled toilet paper

We believe that the best way to tackle plastic packaging from supermarket-bought TP ending up in our oceans is to make it as easy as possible for you to get your hands on an alternative. Now while you’re shopping for your plastic-busting cleaning supplies and body care products, you can add a box of 24 toilet paper rolls to your order and we’ll deliver them straight to your door.

Our online store is flush with different delivery options; you can order as you go or customise a bundle that suits your needs for repeated deliveries on subscription. To get your hands on Zero Co Toilet Paper today, head to the shop and add the product to your cart or subscribe to your favourite products, set the frequency that you’d like them delivered and add toilet paper to your order (as a one-time add on) when you need a new box delivered.

Saving the trees with your poos and wees, that’s a movement we can get behind!

FAQ's about Zero Co's Recycled Toilet Paper

What is recycled toilet paper

Recycled toilet paper is a more environmentally friendly option than traditional TP. Paper products like newspaper, magazines and office paper are broken down into a pulp, cleaned and contaminants like adhesives and inks are removed. The remaining pulp is then crafted into soft toilet paper for your tush. Using recycled materials eliminates the need for virgin wood pulp, meaning no extra trees will need to be cut down in the process.

Why switch to recycled toilet paper

Traditional toilet paper is made using virgin wood pulp. This means cutting down trees, then consuming large amounts of water and energy to create the pulp and manufacture the paper. It is then wrapped in single-use plastic before making its way to the store. The benefits of recycled toilet paper are that you’re helping to preserve forests and wildlife, reducing water and energy consumption, reducing greenhouse emissions and saving single-use plastic from ending up in landfill or the oceans!

Why shop Zero Co's TP 

Not all recycled toilet paper products are created equally, some brands may use lower-quality materials or manufacturing processes that could potentially compromise the safety or effectiveness of the product. This is not the case at Zero Co, we spent 12 months going over every tiny detail to make sure that our TP was going to be gentle on both your peach and the planet.

Not only is it free from plastic wrap and eco-friendly, it's 100% recycled 3 PLY toilet paper, 360 sheets per roll, 24 double length rolls per box, manufactured right here in Australia*. Only the best for planet saving peaches. (Pssst... Most supermarket rolls are 140-180 sheets). Rolled, wrapped & boxed right here in Australia! From local and imported materials.

Aside from being really, really, ridiculously good looking our packaging is made from 100% recycled paper, no single-use plastic in sight! Conveniently available via our online store, so you can add a box to your order whenever you’re getting low and we will deliver it straight to your door. Our TP aims to support Aussie’s in their time of need…on the toilet.

*Zero Co Toilet Paper is rolled, wrapped and boxed in a family-owned facility in Sydney from local and imported ingredients.
Published on Thursday 23 February, 2023