Single-Use-Plastic Free New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Reduce Single-Use Plastic!
Single-Use-Plastic Free New Year’s Resolutions

December feels like the Friday afternoon of the calendar year, no important calls or emails please! While you may feel a little tired from the year that was, the promise of the new year looking forward can have you as fizzy as a bottle of champagne at midnight. January usually comes with resolutions and much like fireworks, they come and go quickly. This is often because we set lofty, unrealistic goals that don’t align with our values. So, this year we propose that you set just two new year’s resolutions - reduce single-use plastic in your home, and in your community. 


Ok, we understand that you’re not Captain Planet and didn’t we just say to not set lofty goals? Yes, but hear us out. Single-use plastics make up a third of the litter we see in our environment so by implementing some small changes in your life you can do some serious good. We’re right there beside you. Our mission is to untrash the planet and by the end of 2022 we’ll have removed more than 1.5 million water bottles worth of rubbish from the ocean and landfill. Through our 100YR CLEANUP initiative, we’ll continue to untrash our oceans, beaches, mountains, rivers and natural landscapes that need it most, for the next 100 years. 

What are the benefits of going plastic free

There are numerous benefits to reducing our reliance on single-use plastic:  

  • Less carbon dioxide being produced
  • Less animals ingesting plastic and less extinction of species 
  • Less ingestion of microplastics
  • Cleaner water
  • Cleaner air
  • Safer food 

How to reduce plastic waste at home

So, what can you do? Achieving lasting changes are much more likely when they are easy to implement and maintain. If you’re looking around feeling overwhelmed, we’ve got you covered. We’ve broken your resolutions down into 8 easy steps to help you achieve your goals this year.

1. Buy in Bulk Then Refill, Refill, Refill!

You can kick off your eco-friendly new year’s resolutions by switching to Zero Co’s single-use plastic free and refillable household products. Get all you need in one order and grab yourself an Everything Starter Pack.  It contains 8 effective cleaners for each room of your home and 6 premium body care products. Your order will come with empty Forever Bottles made from 50% recycled and ocean plastic (which we collect at cleanups!) and refill pouches made from up to 40% recycled materials, which you use to refill your Forever Bottles, yep you guessed it, forever! If you want to personalise your order, you can choose any refill combo packs or  subscribe and save by building your own bundle of products that you’d like to receive on repeat. Alongside your refill pouches and Forever Bottles, you'll receive a postage-paid return mailer with your first order so you can return your empty      pouches to be cleaned and refilled by us, before we send them back out to another customer. How cool is that?

Now you’ve successfully stopped countless plastic bottles clogging up your bins and the planet. Look at you, smelling good and saving the planet!


2. Ditch The Plastic Razor

Sadly, plastic razors aren’t recycled so once they’ve helped deforest your legs or beard, they head for landfill. There is an old saying “We're not rich enough to buy cheap things” and disposable razors are a classic example, while the initial outlay for a reusable razor may seem expensive compared to a bag of disposables, once you’ve bought it, you’ll have it forever. Quality reusable blades give you a far superior shave, so you’ll be stepping into the new year silky smooth while reducing your carbon footprint. 

3. Switch Your Deodorant 

Our product team at Zero Co worked their butts off to develop the world’s first refillable antiperspirant roll-on deodorant. It sold out on its debut, with our customers loving its light, gender-neutral scent of Vetiver & Neroli. It gives warm, earthy and clean citrus notes to remind you that switching to a refillable deodorant is helping both you and the ocean stay so fresh and so clean. Our deodorant refill can be added to your subscription along with your other Zero Co products so you never have to sweat the small stuff. 

4. Recycle When You Can

Most Aussies grew up thinking recycling is as simple as sorting paper from plastic and metal but unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than that. The resulting confusion can lead a lot of people to get overwhelmed, often placing recyclable items in general waste. Our friends at Recycle Mate have made it easy for you, simply download the app and select which LGA you belong to. You can take a photo of what you want to dispose of, and they will give you disposal advice specific to your location.

How to reduce plastic waste in your community

Now you’re living in an eco-friendly palace, it is time to spread the love in your community. A little forward planning before you leave home can lead to smarter choices when you’re on the go. 

Reusable Bags

5. Stop Using Plastic Shopping Bags

If you’re thinking of ways to reduce plastic pollution, saying no to single-use shopping bags should be at the forefront of your mind. Plastic bags are often fatally ingested by birds and sea life who mistake them for food. They clog our waterways, take over 1000 years to biodegrade and even then become mirco-plastics that release toxins and wreak havoc on the environment. As of 2022 all 8 states and territories have committed to banning lightweight plastic shopping bags, though this does not include produce bags, bin liners and reusable plastic bags. You can reduce your plastic waste by carrying your own reusable shopping bags or the cardboard boxes and paper bags that are available in most supermarkets. Composting and sorting your waste at home is also a great option to minimize the use of bin liners.

Coffee Cups

6. Skip The Coffee Cup! 

Heading back to the daily grind after the holidays will no doubt have you craving coffee, but did you know that saying no to disposable coffee cups is one of the most effective ways to reduce plastic pollution in your daily routine? While many single-use coffee cups may look like they are made from paper, most contain a thin plastic film on the inside that creates the water and heat proof barrier. This means that most of them end up in landfill and according to our friends at Clean Up Australia they’re the second largest contributor to litter after plastic bottles, equating to around 60,000 kg of plastic per annum. 

If you’re able to, take a moment to dine in and enjoy your coffee using the cups provided. For those on the go, make investing in a reusable coffee cup one of your new year’s resolutions or bring along a mug from the office. If you’re feeling a little forgetful after the silly season and leave your cup at home, you can always ask your barista to go topless…that’s not adding the plastic lid to your takeaway cup... 


7. Invest In A Reusable Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles are the biggest contributor to plastic waste pollution.. You can make a meaningful change this year by committing to carrying a reusable water bottle with you. There are a number of great companies producing reusable water bottles that are created sustainably and are designed to last you a lifetime. So, between your water flask and your coffee cup, you’re now hydrated, caffeinated and ready to kick some more waste-free goals.


8. Avoid Plastic Straws & Cutlery 

Time to get yourself a set of reusable cutlery. Stainless steel or bamboo straws and cutlery packs are a great option if you often find yourself wanting that iced oat latte or don’t fancy eating your takeaway lunch with your hands.                       

In 2020 alone Australians used over 1.3 billion plastic straws, which often make their way into our waterways and are mistaken for food by birds and turtles. Unfortunately, plastic cutlery isn’t even recycled as it's not compatible with sorting machines. So, until they’re banned in all states and territories by 2025, make sure you say no to plastic and pack your own. 

Zero Co's Mission to Reduce Plastic Waste

There you have it, two resolutions in eight easy steps to reduce plastic waste. But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and change isn’t made overnight. Just aim for meaningful progress over perfection and all of our tips will become second nature. If you forget your coffee cup once, that’s still 6 other days in the week that you made a change. And one that you went topless…

Invite your friends and family to join you on your journey. We encourage this by offering $25 off for you and them when you refer and they make their first purchase with Zero Co. We love growing our community with friends and family of our legendary customers!

Tackle a Waste-Free 2023 with us at your side.

Published on Wednesday 28 December, 2022