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Untrash the Ocean


21 million tonnes of plastic flows into ouroceans every year. That’s one truck of garbage every minute. Single-use plastic is the main culprit.

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Our goal is to collect21 tonnes of Aussie ocean bound waste and turn it into our forever bottles.

To do that, we’re going to need your help with a bunch of epic cleanup projects!

Buy a Box of Zero Co and we'll spend $5 cleaning the ocean

From March to May, we’re investing $5 from every Starter Box to fund our epic Oceans 21 clean-up projects. Over the next 3 months, if we can inspire 10,000 Aussies to ditch single-use plastic from their kitchen, laundry & bathroom, we’ll have $50,000 in the kitty to clean-up the mess we’ve made. There’s never been a better time to clean your house and clean the ocean!

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Join us on aTrashure Hunt

Trashure Hunt #1

Sydney Harbour, 13-14 April
A dolphin
A dolphin
The World’s Longest Solo Underwater Clean-up

To kick off our clean ups, we’re heading to Sydney to live stream a world-first 24 hour underwater clean-up!

A legendary Zero Co supporter (one of you), Dean Cropp, has put up his hand to attempt a 24 hour underwater ocean clean-up in Sydney Harbour to grab as much rubbish as he can.

We’re going to live stream the entire event at zeroco.com.au

The plastic Dean collects will be recycled and turned into our next generation of forever bottles to be made here in Australia. We're also calling for volunteers to join our shore clean ups. One clean-up on the north side and one in the East. Come join us!

Trashure Hunt #2

Cape York June 2021
The Great Cape Cleanup
Stylised map of Australia with a pin on Cape York

In June we’re heading to the most Northerly tip of Australia (Cape York) to conduct a massive ocean and beach clean-up.

And guess what?

We’re inviting you to come along for the most epic eco-holiday of your life and come Trashure Hunting with us!

Places are limited so if you’re interested in joining us register your interest today:

Help Fund Clean-Ups


Can’t make it to the Great Cape Clean-Up but want to get involved?

Large amount of trash that has been collected

To help fund our audacious ocean clean-up projects, you can adopt one of the 3,109 SUP bottles Mike dragged around Australia as part of the Great Aussie Plastic Purge. They’ve been rescued from landfill & need a forever-home!

You can grab one of these beauties for as little as $5. If you choose to become a plastic bottle Foster Parent, we’ll send you a certificate of adoption, write your name on the bottle and add it to the wall of fame at Zero Co HQ. Let's make 2021 a year for our oceans!

Hurry, there’s only
2,663 bottles to rescue!
Updated 01/04/21

Clean-Up Kitty

We’re starting a Clean-Up Kitty to fund all of our ocean clean-up activity. We’re kicking in $5 for every new customer who spends over $100 with us during the campaign. Customers can also choose to adopt-a-bottle which will also go into the kitty. Here’s the total amount we’ve raised so far (updated once a day!).