Sustainable Christmas Gifts Zero Co is Loving this Holiday Season.

We love the holiday season. But we don’t love waste.
Sustainable Christmas Gifts Zero Co is Loving this Holiday Season.

Christmas is a time for gathering together with our loved ones and celebrating. There is nothing quite like seeing their face light up when they unwrap the perfect gift. The unfortunate cost of giving is that often last-minute shopping means we compromise on sustainable Christmas gifts resulting in a mountain of unwanted single-use plastic. When shopping for gifts this holiday season, it is important that we as consumers are making conscious decisions about where products come from, how they are made and what they are packaged in.

Luckily, we’ve got a few friends that make amazing products that we think are the perfect sustainable Christmas gifts. To save you the hassle, we’ve pulled together a list of eco-friendly Christmas presents that won’t cost the planet and will bring a smile to that special someone’s face!

For your Glow-Getter: Soft glowing skin with Zero Co's Eco Body Care Set 

Say G'day to eco-friendly Christmas shopping at its single-use plastic-free finest. This sustainable Christmas gift box includes five of Zero Co's best Body Care products (+ matching forever bottles) and a letter from sustainable Santa to explain how it all works.

Plus, if you select to send it as a Christmas gift, we'll ship it straight to your special someone. Gifting a box of Zero Co is the true definition of an environmentally sustainable gift that doesn’t cost the earth. 

For your Chef: Great Wrap for all those leftovers

Great Wrap’s Great Mate is a refillable dispenser made from 33 recycled PET bottles. Great Mate is designed to dispense and slice Great Wrap’s certified home compostable cling wrap, minimise plastic pollution and the reliance on single-use packaging.

Great Wrap proudly manufactures the only compostable cling wrap for homes and businesses from food waste.

For your Health Guru: Vitable will kickstart their New Year's Resolutions

Vitable creates personalised daily packs of vitamins and supplements based on individual health goals, diet and lifestyle. 

Buy your loved one a gift card so they can take the expert five-minute quiz, build a personalised pack and use the gift card code at the checkout to place their order! They’ll then deliver unique packs to their door each month in plastic-free, home-compostable daily sachets. 

Get your eco-friendly Christmas gift discounted with 25% off your first pack using the code ZEROCO25.

For your Fashionista: Dive into summer with Banabae's Rad Collection 

Find sunny sustainable gifts for every member of your fam bam with the banabae rad collection.

The Rad Collection tees and caps are the perfect eco-friendly gifts, made from organic and natural fibres and delivered plastic free.  

For your Coffee Nerd: Wake them up on Christmas Day with Tripod Coffee 

Tripod Coffee is Australia's most responsible coffee community. Their plant-based pods are now 100% home compostable and are compatible with all Nespresso® Original machines. Even the lid is plant-based, meaning the capsules meet Australian and Global standards. 

Not only is their coffee completely delicious, but their obsession with the environment makes it taste even better!


For your Gardener: Feed the soil, feed the world, with Subpod 

Pop up this instant garden bed and start composting with zero smells, mess and stress.

Their Grow Bag Compost Bundle comes with everything your loved ones need to start turning food waste into a resource and growing food.

Like Zero Co, at the heart of Subpod is sustainability. The grow bag itself is made from 100% recycled water bottles. Isn’t that awesome? Zero Co’s office is home to a much loved Subpod. It’s zero smells and good worm vibes only!


For your Pet Lover: Play dirty and keep the planet clean with Doggy Eco 

Feel proud that your dog is doing their part to keep the planet clean while keeping them stylish. Doggy Eco’s dog walking bundles include a collar, leash, harness and utility poop bag dispenser all made from recycled plastic. 

Plus, for November and December, they are including a FREE bag of Doggy Nourish Festive Cookies with every bundle. Merry Woofmas!


For your Drink Connoisseur: Taste the Hidden Sea Christmas Pack  

The Hidden Sea just released a 2022 limited-edition Christmas pack. It includes nine bottles of wine and one bottle of Tawny Port for $190.00 delivered. 

With this eco-friendly Christmas gift box, The Hidden Sea will remove and recycle 100 plastic bottles from the ocean on your behalf.


For your Waste Free Legend: Get someone started with Zero Co's refillable cleaning and body Christmas Gift Box

The perfect new-home or share-house gift, or one for the friend that wants to jump on the waste-free bandwagon!

This box includes seven essential Zero Co products, including refill pouches and reusable forever bottles. We’ll ship it to you or straight to their door with a letter from sustainable Santa to explain how it all works.

For the one who told you not to get them a thing. Rubbish. Obviously.

You can sponsor bundles of rubbish on someone else’s behalf, which Zero Co will pull out of our natural environment over the next 12 months. Buy a bundle from as little as $20 and we’ll send you a certificate of thanks whilst we get busy untrashing the planet. It’s all thanks to an awesome project we launched this year called the 100YR CLEANUP

Not sure what they'll want?

Give them the reindeer reigns and buy your loved one a Zero Co Gift Card, available from $50-$200. 

We hope this guide helps you wrap up your sustainable gifting season. These are our favourite gifts that help you say no to single-use plastic and hello to presents that are good for the planet!

Happy Holidays!


Published on Tuesday 22 November, 2022