Zero Co's 2022 Wrap Up

I want to personally thank you for being part of the Zero Co journey this year.
Zero Co's 2022 Wrap Up
I want to personally thank you for being part of the Zero Co journey this year.
It's been another crazy one and together, alongside our epic community (that's you), we've achieved some pretty incredible milestones for a small business just two years of age. To date, we've pulled 3,407,761 water bottles worth of rubbish from the ocean and stopped hundreds of thousands of single-use plastic bottles being made, used once and thrown away. Let me take you through some moments in 2022 that have helped us get there.
Pouch recovery machine
We revealed our Pouch Recovery Machine to the world and began a full-scale operation to clean and refill all your empty pouches. Keep sending 'em back!
BOdy Box
Thanks to all your pre-orders, we launched our waste-free vision into body care, adding shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and roll-on deodorant to the zero waste lineup!
You asked for a subscription service, so we tackled the tech world to develop a super flexible and easily personalised program that will deliver your goods to your door on repeat.
Northern Rivers Floods
Our local region was hit by unprecedented floods and our facility lost a bunch of used pouches. They never got be refilled and that still hurts.
We dropped everything to support those affected and clean up the devastation caused by pressure on our planet.
We took a bunch of customers and shareholders to K'gari (Fraser Island) to help us untrash its shores. Thanks to all 32 legends who joined the tours, we collected a total of 11,726 kg from the island this year.
We hit the actual shelves! Supermarkets, pharmacies, wholefoods and boutique grocers around the country now stock Zero Co. Tell your friends, your neighbours, you nanna and find us in your local laundry isle.
Sustainable Schools
A bunch of awesome Schools adopted our Sustainable Schools program. We're deep in developing something special here...stay tuned for more news 2023!
New Product Development
Compostable Dish Cloths and Stainless Steel Pegs joined the fam, and then they sold out! So, we made a bunch more with lobsters and fish puns to keep you smiling in the kitchen.
We went to Egypt to launch the 100YR CLEANUP.
We pulled 1 million water bottles worth of rubbish out of the Nile River, made the world's largest waste pyramid and I camped on its top for 72 hrs to raise awareness about the waste problem.
Local Cleanups
Our team hosted a bunch of local cleanups this year. They're deadset bloody legends and the reason the cogs keep turning in this business. I'm super humbled to work alongside them.
Toilet Paper
Zero Co Toilet Paper has just rolled in (ahem). We're looking for a bunch of first time tryers to tell us what they think before we share it with the world. Wanna ride the porcelain bus with us?
We did all that together. You and us. And I can't thank you enough for supporting the planet and Zero Co along this journey.
There's so much our team is looking forward to delivering to you next year. We can't wait to continue Untrashing The Planet with each and every one of you as we grow our incredible community in this next chapter.
 Merry Fishmas, happy holidays and here's to a big 2023,
Published on Sunday 25 December, 2022