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Starter Box Essentials (Refills & Dispensers)

or 4 interest free payments of $19.75 with

This super-dooper plastic-busting box contains four essential Zero Co products that every Aussie household uses (laundry liquid, handwash, multi-purpose cleaner & dishwashing liquid). It includes dispensers (made from plastic waste pulled from the ocean) and refills (made from recycled plastic) that will get delivered direct to your door, minus all the single use plastic. Save $19 and win the war on waste at your place!


Includes a 2-3mth supply of do-goodies for the average 4-person home: Handwash (1L), Laundry Liquid (4L), Multi-Purpose Spray (1L), Dishwashing Liquid (500ml) PLUS 4 x Reusable Dispensers made from plastic waste pulled from the ocean.

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Our products are made from plant-based formulas, meaning they're gentle on your skin, your family and the planet...whilst still getting the job done of course! You can find a full and transparent ingredient list for each of our products over here.


The average 4-person Aussie household uses a whopping 3,740 SUP (single-use-plastic) bottles of these four personal-care and home-cleaning products in their lifetime. That's nuts! Congrats on helping us untrash the planet by becoming a freaking hero who's chosen to go zero!

Untrash the planet

"Superb business. Saving our oceans and the planet. Love your work Zero Co."


"Great to have an Aussie home grown alternative to plastic bottles...get on board and support these guys"

Anne Marie

"A fantastic initiative and I can't wait to see their products delivered to homes and businesses everywhere"


"This is such an awesome idea. I am excited to be part of it."


We're here to smash plastic not your wallet

We promise that our planet-friendly, plastic-busting products will always remain competitively priced with the big name supermarket brands. To prove that, here's the price of our products, side by side with what you'd pay for a comparable product if you walked into a supermarket (in May 2020).

Zero Co Refills Yay!

Laundry Liquid $38.00 (4L)
Handwash $14.00 (1L)
Multi Purpose Cleaner $11.00 (1L)
Dishwashing Liquid $6.00 (500ml)
Starter Box Essentials (Refills Only) $69.00

Supermarket Boo

Omo Ultimate ($22.00 for 1.8L) $48.88 (4L)
Glo Lab ($11.00 for 600ml) $18.33 (1L)
Organic Choice ($5.50 for 500ml) $11.00 (1L)
Palmolive Eco ($5.00 for 450ml) $5.56 (500ml)
Supermarket Price $83.77

Radical Transparency

It's a totally rad idea...

We believe that businesses who don't have anything to hide shouldn't hide anything. So as part of our no BS approach we're dropping our pants and showing you everything:

  1. Here's a video showing how we collect plastic waste from the ocean
  2. Here's the lowdown on our shipping rates & charges
  3. And here's a breakdown of exactly what it costs us to get one of our Starter Packs to your house (including all 10 Zero Co products and dispensers)...
Learn More
This is us with our pants down
Ingredients, Manufacturing & Bottling $34.32
Ocean Cleanups, Dispensers, Reusable Refills $24.25
Warehousing & Logistics $11.60
Shipping (to you and back to us) $19.75
Payment Processing Fees $4.12
1% For The Planet (Donation) $1.49
GST $14.93
True cost $110.46

How It Works

It's super simple: you order, we deliver, you return, we refill.  It's just like the milkman, reimagined.

Inside your first Zero Co box you'll find:

  1. A set of reusable dispensers made from ocean waste plastic
  2. A set of refill pouches made from recycled plastic 
  3. A reply-paid postage satchel

Simply empty the contents of the refill pouches into the dispensers, pop the empty pouches into the reply-paid satchel and send it back to us so we can clean, refill and reuse the pouches.  


Most personal care and home cleaning products that you buy from the supermarket contain harmful chemicals that aren’t great for you, your family or the planet. Here’s some stuff you won’t find in our plant-based formulas:

  • No single-use plastic
  • No phosphates
  • No bleach
  • No animal testing
  • No harsh chemicals
  • May contain traces of unicorns and rainbows!

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Starter Box (Refills & Dispensers)

Starter Box (Refills & Dispensers)

$203.91Now $159.00
Starter Box (Refills Only)

Starter Box (Refills Only)

$141.00Now $139.00
Starter Box Lite (Refills & Dispensers)

Starter Box Lite (Refills & Dispensers)

$131.94Now $105.00
Starter Box Lite (Refills Only)

Starter Box Lite (Refills Only)

$90.00Now $89.00
Starter Box No Dishtabs (Refills & Dispensers)

Starter Box No Dishtabs (Refills & Dispensers)

$170.91Now $126.00