The Great Multi-Purpose Cleaner Boo Boo of 2020

There's no easy way to say this, so we're just going to come out and say it. We made a whoopsie!

And because of that whoopsie we won't be able to deliver your multi-purpose cleaner (MPC) refill pouch with the rest of your order. That really sucks and we're really sorry to be letting you down.

It's been a full year since we launched our audacious project via Kickstarter and you legends have been so incredibly patient and supportive throughout the roller-coaster ride that has been 2020. To be letting you down just as we jump the last hurdle really feels like a kick in the guts for us.

Again, we're really sorry.

This blog post is our attempt to live up to our mantra of radical transparency by providing you with the complete, warts-and-all, insider story of just what lead to The Great MPC Boo-Boo of 2020 and what we're doing to fix it.


What Exactly Happened?

In the time between formulating and manufacturing our multi-purpose cleaner there were changes made to government regulations regarding packaging and labelling requirements for products that include one of the ingredients in our MPC.

We didn't find out about this until only a week before we were due to start filling the MPC refill pouches. Great timing right!

And with 20,000 refill pouches printed with the incorrect labelling requirements, we were left with one of 3 options:

    1. Go ahead with filling the incorrectly labelled MPC pouches and hope nobody would find out (not a very cool thing to do).
    2. Throw away all 20,000 MPC pouches and make 20,000 new ones with the correct labelling requirements (also not a very cool thing to do, especially given our entire mission is to eliminate single-use plastic. Can you imagine if we kicked things off with 20,000 zero-use plastic pouches!!!).
    3. Stop the scheduled MPC filling at the last minute, pull our MPC formula before it even hit the market and start from scratch with a new formula that doesn't include the ingredient causing the labelling issues.

Now to be completely honest, none of the above are ideal outcomes. Option 1 would involve breaking the law. Option 2 would involve breaking our plastic-busting mission. Option 3 would involve breaking our October delivery promise to you.

We decided the only option was the one we chose. Option 3.

And because of that decision, we aren't able to deliver your MPC refill pouch along with the rest of your do-goodies in October. If you ordered an MPC dispenser you'll still be getting that in October, but unfortunately your MPC refill pouch won't be ready for a few months, sorry.


What Are We Doing About It?

First of all, we're apologising (again), owning up to our mistake and being radically transparent with you about the whole saga.

Secondly, we've loaded an $11 store credit onto your Zero Co account to cover the cost of the MPC refill pouch you pre-ordered.  You can use this store credit to order another Zero Co product or hold on to it and use it to order a replacement MPC refill pouch when the new formula is ready in a few months. If you don't have an account with us, contact our customer service genies and they can help. They can also organise a refund if you'd prefer.

Thirdly, our chemists are already furiously at work developing a new and improved formula. We'll have our first sample ready in a few weeks. Then we'll do a bunch of vigorous tests to make sure the new formula works as well (if not better) than the big name supermarket brands. And once we've run the new formula through all its paces we'll fill the 20,000 original MPC pouches and you know when it's time to order!

We'll keep you fully updated on the status of this process over the coming weeks.


How Did This Happen?

The truth? It happened because we dropped the ball in between formulation and FMCG label compliance. Rest assured that this is a mistake that can never happen again. We're confident that we have put processes in place to ensure this particular boo-boo is a one off.


What's Next?

First of all, apologies again for this whoopsie.

Rest assured we're working our butts off on the solution.

If you've got any questions or would like any further info about "The Great MPC Boo Boo of 2020" please shoot us an email.

As soon as the new MPC formula is ready to rock n roll you'll be the first to know.


Team Zero Co