Introducing, single-use plastic free body care.

Small changes to your daily routine today, big impact on the planet tomorrow.

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Look good while you do good.

Body care, heck yeah!

1 L Shampoo

+ 500 mL Forever Bottle

1 L Conditioner

+ 500 mL Forever Bottle

100 mL Deodorant

+ 50 mL Forever Bottle

500 mL Body Lotion

+ 500 mL Forever Bottle

1 L Bodywash

+ 500 mL Forever Bottle

1 L Handwash

+ 500 mL Forever Bottle


Every day 232,877 bottles of shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser & deodorant go to landfill in Australia.

The plastic problem is big, but making small changes to your daily routine can have massive global impacts.

We’re here to smash plastic, not your wallet

Here’s our prices side-by-side with the big name supermarket brands:


*Prices advertised on Woolworths online 10 April 2:42pm

Start small, start today!

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