This Black Friday, Aussies will buy more than $6B+
worth of stuff they don’t need, with 80% of it ending up in landfill.


At a time when the planet's ecosystem is at breaking point, we believe the world needs less stuff, not more. So this Black Friday there are no flashy sales or one-time discounts at Zero Co.


Today, the only product we’re promoting is a humble bundle of rubbish, that you can sponsor for just $20. 

Sponsor Rubbish

Let's untrash the planet, together!

It's up to all of us to untrash the planet, not just today, not just tomorrow, but across multiple generations. That's why we're committing to clean the planet for the next 100 years.

Funds raised
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100YR Cleanup FAQs

How do you calculate how much plastic you collect for each dollar? 

We weigh the rubbish after the cleanup and calculate the weight in kilos as equivalent to the weight of a 600mL water bottle = number bottles removed at the cleanup.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

No, as ZeroCo is a business and not a registered charity - it is not recognised as a donation - but by sponsoring a bundle, you fund the cleanups directly.

Can I choose which cleanup to support?

The funds raised are going towards the first year of the 100YR cleanup but are not earmarked per individual cleanups.

Can I buy a bundle if I don't live in Australia?

Yes, you can sponsor a rubbish bundle, but can’t buy any physical ZeroCo cleaning and body care products. Hopefully someday though!

Can I buy a bundle on its own?

Yes, you can just sponsor a rubbish bundle separate from buying ZeroCo products. But you can also add a bundle to your Zero Co Starter Box or Refills purchase.

Who is doing the cleanups?

We partner with local cleanup organisations - in Egypt the ‘VeryNile’ cleanup organisation 

We’ve been working with an awesome partner organisation called VeryNile who have been facilitating the cleanup of 1,000,000 waterbottles worth of rubbish out of the Nile. They educate low socio-economic communities and local volunteers who want to help with cleanups and learn more about the waste problem. They also employ local fishermen to help them clean the Nile more effectively on boats whilst earning a second income.

Funding for the 100YR CLEANUP will enable Zero Co to continue this partnership with VeryNile and support local communities like this one all around the globe.

Where does the plastic collected go after the cleanup?

A local organisation called VeryNile are helping us get this waste segregated and cleaned. The PET then gets pelletised and used by other companies that make materials and products out of recycled plastics.
The mixed plastics, things like shoes, styrofoam and ropes, are co-processed in Egypt.

What is COP27?

COP27 is the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly referred to as Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC, which will be the 27th United Nations Climate Change conference, to be held from 6 to 18 November 2022 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.