We're Making More Impact in 2023

Zero Co mission update - our cleanups around the world.
We're Making More Impact in 2023

This year, we're setting a hefty goal of pulling 5M water bottles worth of rubbish* out of our natural environment.

And we're in this together. With funds from every Zero Co purchase contributing to cleanups (like this one!), our customers are helping us make this planet greener and cleaner with every refill.

Our goal in 2022

Sponsor a Rubbish Bundle to support our cleanups

You can help double our impact this year by switching to Zero Co at your place or sponsoring a bundle of rubbish (from just $20) that we'll collect at our next cleanup.

Add a Rubbish Bundle to your cart and you'll receive a certificate of thanks whilst we set off to untrash on your behalf - A great give-back-gift for any new year birthdays you might have coming up!

Rubbish Bundles banner

Our cleanups results for 2022

Last year, we collected 2,861,289 water bottles worth of rubbish from cleanups hosted between QLD's K'gari (Fraser Island) all the way to the Nile River in Egypt! 

Each of these projects are funded under the 100YR CLEANUP - Zero Co's mission program which coordinates cleanups around the world and maps out a waste-free vision for future generations. Read more about our do-good dirty work over here.

More Refill. Less Landfill.

Refill not landfill 

We repurpose the HDPE plastic collected at cleanups to make Zero Co Forever Bottles which our customers refill for life. When they return empty refill pouches back to us, we clean, refill and send them back to another customer in our closed-loop economy!

By doing this, last year alone we saved 1,451,671 water bottles worth of rubbish from being used once and thrown away, ending up in landfill or worse, our oceans. We can't wait to grow this number as more customers return their empty pouches back to us.

Every purchase funds cleanups

When you purchase from Zero Co, you not only reduce singe-use plastic, but also help us fund our large scale cleanups, to cleanup this mess already created on our planet. Thanks for you support! 

We're feeling so inspired to rip into 2023, waste free and ready to untrash. Let's do this!

* Weight based on 600mL water bottles

Published on Monday 23 January, 2023