Top tracks to clean to!

Top tracks to clean to!

Spring has sprung, and it's the season where you're about to set out on a mission to find truckloads of Tupperware lids and smelly single socks.


Are you missing around 2 hours and 45 minutes of solid tunes to dance around the house? I mean, clean too?


We present Zero Co's Fiesta del Cleaning playlist. Curated by us, nominated by the people (that's you). 


Here's a direct link to our playlist on Spotify and a rundown of what you'll find inside 👇


Technotronic is in the house and wants you to pump up (your cleaning) jam. Meanwhile, Salt n' Pepa want you to push it to next week. 


Brittney Spears has filled a bucket of non-eco-friendly products and is Toxic, while David Guetta and Sia try to clean with Titanium. 


Fat Freddy's drop has a wandering eye, so keep close tabs on your supplies. 


Avicii will wake us (all) up, and Whitney Houston doesn't wanna dance with somebody; she wants to jive with the dyson.


Katie Perry did her cleaning last Friday night, and Sophie Ellis Bexter has found fame for the second time in her life on our playlist too. Murder on the dancefloor. Or is it murder on the kitchen floor?


Beyonce wants us to hold up and get in a formation at the front door while Paige IV keeps score the cleaning points. 


Blondie is still calling me (call me!) to help her out of her cleaning stupor, while Cyndi Lauper still wants the girls to just have fun. 


Fisher is losing it. Queen will rock you, and with David Bowie combined, they really don't want you to fall under the pressure of the spring clean. Not another one bites the dust. 


Are we finished yet? We nearly are. Muse is in hysteria. 


The Presets just called. Tools Down.




Published on Friday 3 September, 2021