Spring Eco Cleaning Tips

Hold onto your old socks, because we've got all the eco cleaning tips for your Spring Clean, from ditching e-waste to DIY dusters.
Spring Eco Cleaning Tips

High fives for visiting our little corner of the internet. You're obviously ready to take your eco cleaning to the next level. No more bagging up stuff and mindlessly throwing it into landfill. Or reaching for cheap chemical cleaners in single-use plastic bottles. It's time for change and the good news is it's super easy to make your next cleaning mission better for the environment. Just follow these easy house cleaning tips.

House cleaning tip #1 Make Your Own Supplies

Start by creating your own reusable eco cleaning supplies. Turn any super old clothes and bedsheets into rags, so you can avoid sponges/scourers, which are mostly made from synthetic fibres that never break down. And all those single (lonely) socks in your laundry? Stick one on your hand and use it as a duster!  

House cleaning tip #2 Sell The Lot (Or Give It Away)

Decluttering is one of life's great joys. Proven to reduce stress and anxiety, you know what makes it even sweeter? Selling your stuff and making a few bucks! Giving household items a second life is one of the simplest ways to tread more lightly. Post everything on Marketplace and whatever doesn't sell, give it away for free, so you're not paying tip fees and adding to landfill.   

House cleaning tip #3 Get E-Wasted

E-waste sucks for so many reasons. Not only are phones, TVs and computers full of toxic materials that leak into landfill, but there's also a lot of rare and non-renewable materials in them. Eco cleaning means getting rid of this gear responsibly, so jump on the RecyclingNearYou website to find your nearest drop off point. Old mobile phone? Straight to Mobilemuster in a free satchel available at your nearest AusPost office. Household batteries? Both Aldi and IKEA offer free battery disposal bins, because they're not allowed in your household rubbish. 

House cleaning tip #4 Go Natural and SUP Free

There's a hidden cost to cheap chemical cleaners, which is often ingredients that are damaging to the environment and toxic to animals. They also come in single-use plastic, which is trashing the planet. This is where Zero Co comes to the rescue!

Made from plant-based formulas and home delivered in reusable bottles and refillable pouches, Zero Co is better for your spring cleaning and the entire world. Switching is easy too with our Starter Kits or even. better sign up to a new subscription, so you never run out and buy single-use plastic again! 

A Couple More?

That's probably enough house cleaning tips for now. If you're an overachiever though, turn up these top tracks to clean to and pimp yo' pantry by replacing all the single-use containers in there with glass jars, buying staples in bulk and starting a compost for your food scraps.

Published on Monday 17 January, 2022