Aussie Poo Truths

Aussie Poo Truths

One thing we know for certain is that talking about poo is not taboo

Not only are Aussies some of the most liberal poo’ers on the planet, you guys love talking about your toilet habits. 


Hallelujah for Air Freshener.


In a short, albeit very comprehensive survey you guys revealed more than we could have ever asked for. We’re all for getting our pants down and bearing warts and all about our processes and products. It’s so great to see that sentiment mirrored back to us. 

For the data nerds in the world who really want to know how valid these claims are, we had over 14,662 respondents so the results are statistically (very) solid.


Poo is not taboo!

Let’s start with the resounding 96% agreeing that it was more than ok to talk to you about poo. On with the show and to share our new poo truths with you all. If you’re in the remaining 4% this is your chance to turn away now. 

It’s reported that 70% of people are more inclined to poop if Air Freshener is handy. Who knew? We kinda feel if you gotta go you gotta go. In any case, if you want to keep your guests out of the poo room stay away from Air Freshener it seems. On the other hand, if you’re in the business of making your dinner guests feel welcome and right at home you might wanna pick up a bottle of this guy 


Zero Co Poo truths


Hiding a poo in a public setting created a big divide. 40% of respondents claim they’ll cough any day to cover up a crap, while 60% swivel on the seat and opt for an early flush.


Perhaps you feather the nest? We received a number of direct messages describing their preparatory layer of toilet paper to work as a sound muffler for impending bombs. I guess the rest of you don’t cover up at all and opt for a loud and proud “timberrrr”.


Scrunch or fold?

40% scrunch, 60% fold.

83% sit, 17% are weirdos, and stand (to wipe).


We can reveal that 19% leave the door open for a waft of clean crisp air while they take to the throne, while 81% will take privacy at poo-time please.

Zero Co Poo Truths


And over 10% of you will refuse to take a seat to excrete if someone else is home. With or without Air Freshener, if you can't poop in your own home, where will you poop? 


69% of people poo at the office. Wonder what the other 21% do? Go home early? Run to the public loo at lunch? (Clearly our work is not done here yet, we really must get to the bottom of this business). 

Zero Co toilet cleaner

Best pet poo names ;)

No surprises that ‘Number #2’ was a common pet name for poo, and ‘turd’ also received plenty of household votes. While log, dump, crap, caca sounded familiar we spent quite a lot of time ROFL at some new ones on the growing grogan list. 


Our survey standouts were doo do, ceramic bin pickle, stonker, jobbie, gut nuggets, blind eel, noot, and nard. 


How about you? Do you bomb a battleship? Make a deposit, snap it off or drop the kids off?


And there you have it, the very best of Aussie poo truths revealed for you in one big juicy blog. Keep an eye out for future product surveys and keep dropping your guts. I mean spilling your beans. 


In the meantime, if you need some super duper Laundry Liquid and Stain Remover to sort out your skiddy’s Zero Co has got you covered.

Published on Monday 12 July, 2021